Cheryl Cole is back in touch with Ashley

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is reportedly calling and texting her cheating husband Ashley and insiders suspect she will take him back this summer.

Ashley and Cheryl split earlier this year after he was alleged to have slept with up to five other women. However The News Of The World reports that the football star has been boasting that his estranged wife is definitely warming to him and is even calling him babe again.

A source close to the footballer said: “They’re communicating constantly. They’re always on the phone, especially by text.

“It’s not just Ashley, Cheryl is actively engaged. She knows she shouldn’t be, but her heart tells her otherwise. Until last week she’d been furious with him and had nothing nice to say. But sometimes she has called him babe. For her that’s the natural thing to do – she loves the man, after all.

“He’s taking a lot of hope from that, being very cocky and telling people he and Cheryl will definitely work things out.”

Cheryl seemed to be dropping hints that a reunion is imminent during an interview on Norwegian TV. When they asked what the message was behind her song ‘Fight For This Love’ she gave an elaborate reply stating:

“Sometimes things get tough but you’ve just got to fight on.

“What are you going to do? Give up, curl into a ball or are you going to keep fighting on?

“My message is fight on. You can’t give up and lie down. You’ve just got to keep going.”

The source revealed that Ashley is trying to convince his wife to meet him in person. They said: “Ashley’s being very casual about meeting with Cheryl to her – he doesn’t want her to think he’s desperate.

“But he thinks it will definitely happen. He can sense how much she’s missing him and he knows he can use that to his advantage.

“Last time they met up it was awkward because she was at a low ebb, and was sick in bed with bronchitis. He’s convinced it will be different next time.”

But her friends are worried by the latest developments in Cheryl’s personal life.

The insider concluded: “It’s very disturbing to see her in so much contact with him.

“She always said if she did kick Ashley out, there would be no turning back. We have to hope she sticks to that.”

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Lisa McGarry

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