Cheryl Cole not allowed sex or alchohol!

Cheryl Cole has been instructed to avoid both sex and alcohol while she recovers from Malaria.

The 27-year-old X Factor judge was released from her private London clinic on Thursday afternoon but due to her high blood pressure, she is under strict orders from her doctors to take it easy for the foreseeable future.

“Cheryl managed to summon enough energy for a giggle when she was given the news about a sex ban. It’s the last thing on her mind right now,” a source told The Sun.

“She has also been told to avoid alcohol for the coming weeks.”

Black Eyed pea’s singer is due to visit his pal this week. A source added:

“Will has been phoning [mother] Joan and Derek [Hough] non-stop to find out how Cheryl is. He’s also sent the most beautiful bunches of flowers. He’s been desperate to see her but she hasn’t been up to having visitors.

“As soon as Joan said she was a lot better, he wasted no time arranging a visit. A load of people want to see her now she’s recovering well, including her Girls Aloud bandmates.”

Lisa McGarry

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