Cheryl Cole will sing live (but possibly with auto-tuning) on Sunday’s X Factor

Cheryl Cole has admitted that she is ‘nervous’ about performing on tomorrow’s X Factor results show.

The judge and mentor will be singing Promise This, the lead single from her second solo album, Messy Little Raindrops and has admitted that Simon is already winding her up about her performance.

Cheryl told The Mirror:

Tomorrow night’s the night; it’s time for the judge to be judged! Yep, I’ve got to get up in front of Simon, Louis and Dannii and perform on tomorrow night’s X Factor… and I’m nervous. Big time!

Simon’s been ribbing us already, ‘cos that’s what he does and that’s the way our relationship works. So yeah, he’s trying to make me even more nervous.

I’m performing the new single, Promise This, which will be the first time I’ve sung it live to an audience so that’s scary.

And to clarify, I AM singing live tomorrow night – 100%. Of course I want to and I’m happy to.

Has Louis been suggesting otherwise? Well I’ll show him! And Simon!

Cheryl also hinted that she may use auto-tuning on her vocals for the show, even though viewers were in uproar when producers applied it to Gamu Nhengu’s voice back in August. She said:

Unless you’re recording a live, unplugged studio or concert album, then every artist has to use auto-tuning, they have done for years and years. All it does really is tidy everything up, and make it perfect. Otherwise, the smallest of sounds or imperfections – if you breathe too deeply or too loudly, for instance – comes up and ruins the purity of the track.

It’s vital, especially for artists who dance vigorously when they sing – you need to hear the voice clearly during an elaborate dance move, not someone wheezing!

Promise This is due for release on the 24th October 2010, the full album will follow on November 1st.

Lisa McGarry

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