Cheryl Cole working with ballad king Ryan Tedder!

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is collaborating on new songs with Ryan Tedder.

The ‘Fight For This Love’ star is hoping that the man behind Beyonce’s ‘Halo’ and Leona Lewis’ ‘Bleeding Love’ will add some memorable, heartfelt songs to her new album.

Tedder told the Daily Star: “I’m very excited about the tracks. I’m not going to turn her into something weird but it’s different to anything she’s done.

“Cheryl’s about as famous as J-Lo was in her heyday but she’s so nice and genuine. Cheryl said there are songs Americans can get away with and she can’t.”

Ryan added: “It’s typical for a successful American female to put out a song about how famous or rich they are. But that’s not a British thing to do.

“Cheryl connects with being real and this is what the songs are about.”

Lisa McGarry

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