Cheryl Cole wouldn’t let Ashley sleep over

Disgraced Ashley Cole returned to his marital home today, only to be told that he had to pack his bags and leave asap.

The football star may have hoped that his estranged wife Cheryl would weaken when she saw him face to face, but it seems that the Girls Aloud singer stood her ground and refused to let him stay over for the night.

A source close to X Factor judge told The News Of The World: “There was no way she was going to let him stay the night.

“She let him come back to the house but made it clear he was only to collect some things then leave. In her mind he was there to pack his bags.”

Another source told The Sunday Mirror:

“Cheryl was furious that he just turned up and was even more angry when he thought they would be able to talk.

“She’s sick to death of being labelled a pushover. She’s going to talk to him on her terms when she wants to. She was livid that he turned up at the house with hardly any warning.”

Ashley then headed straight to Chelsea’s training ground, where he shocked team members with his gaunt and dishevelled appearance.

A source said: “It was obvious something had gone badly wrong the night before. He was visibly upset, and we were shocked at his appearance. He’s a complete state and in a bad way. He was dishevelled, which is unusual for him. It was as if he didn’t care about how he looks any more.

“He also looked very gaunt. It was obvious he’s lost a lot of weight and hasn’t been looking after himself.”

“Ashley had been very cocky about getting Cheryl back – even before the World Cup. That’s his goal.

“He thought things would change when he was face to face with her – that she would realise she’d made a mistake.

“He hadn’t been due back until Monday, then he heard she was ill and he wanted to make sure she was OK. But Cheryl was not going to melt at the sight of Ashley after he put her through so much. She is tough.”

The source added: “He knows turning around this situation is going to be very difficult and could even be impossible.

“The realisation of that has hit him really hard this weekend.”

Lisa McGarry

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