Chloe Mafia (Chloe Victoria) ‘My X Factor audition was much worse than TV version’

by Lisa McGarry

X Factor wannabe Chloe Victoria (AKA Chloe Mafia) has claimed that ITV failed to show a lot of footage from her initial audition and said that in real life, the experience was much worse than the televised version.

The Wakefield girl, who was exposed in newspapers as being a £250 an hour callgirl, was featured on the hit reality TV show, singing Summertime and Underneath Your Clothes for Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger.

Chloe forgot her lines and tried to defend herself by rhyming off her personal problems, she then appeared tearful when she was subsequently heckled and booed by the audience. However, the mum of one claims that the abuse started before she even started to sing and that ITV cut out most of the insults hurled at her, making it seem like she was crying for nothing.

She told This Morning presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby:

“They actually cut loads of parts out of it and it was so much worse. As soon as I went on, before I started singing or anything, they were booing me. Everyone was shouting stuff at me, it was a lot worse and I started crying afterwards and they made it look like I was crying for nothing really.”

On turning up to bootcamp late and appearing in front of the judges stinking of vodka and wearing the same clothes she had been out in the night before, Chloe added:

“I ain’t got no excuses for myself, I was just so stupid. I got there a day late because I wasn’t even going to go, I was so embarrassed about what had happened the time before. It was Saturday night and I was in London and it was the first chance I had to go out, because I have a little girl and I stupidly went out and I set my path the wrong way.”

Lisa McGarry

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