Dannii Minogue backs Stacey Solomon for the X Factor final 2009

by Lisa McGarry


This evening on Live From Studio Five, roving presenter Minnie catches up with X-Factor mentor, Dannii Minogue for her thoughts on Simon Cowell’s shock decision last week to save Jedward over her girl, Lucie.

Dannii – “It was a shock and I was really sad for Lucie because I think she was just starting to show what she could do and I wish I got it right earlier. You know in the earlier show, but you’re fitting in with themes and categories. I think the other thing that is evident is you know the people who have had a lot of controversy surrounding them have been getting the headlines; I think that gets people voting as well. And I just have had three beautiful girls who have had you know are not into controversy they are into singing and doing it very well.”

Minnie – “Stacey just left for you know do you think she has a big chance of winning?”

Dannii – “She’s the only woman left standing… I think she has always had a chance from the beginning and that’s why I took her from the final six I was given into my final three. I think she has always had a chance. I think she is going to get the power from the other girls who have left the competition now to say right I have really got to step up. I really believe that she’ll kind of take that on board and use that now. And not now shrivel down she is really in it to win it.”

Minnie – “Is there any animosity between you and the judges after what happened on Sunday?”

Dannii – “Look it wouldn’t have been something I would have done, absolutely. I just thought, I knew when it went to deadlock that John and Edward had more press than anyone that week so…You know my fears were realised when they said Lucie was going, but you know you do what you do in the heat of the moment. I spoke to Simon yesterday and you know he stands by his decision and really that’s why we are all there to have different opinions. It would not have been what I would have done but, it’s Stacey now.”

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Lisa McGarry

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