Dannii Minogue & Kylie reunite on X Factor – Dannii reveals tears of motherhood!

kylie and dannii minogue

Dannii Minogue has drafted in her sister Kylie Minogue to help mentor her acts on this year’s series of X Factor Australia.

The former X Factor UK judge moved from Australia’s Got Talent to the rival singing show this year and has revealed that she asked her famous sibling to assist her at judges houses and in choosing the last of her acts.

The sisters previously teamed up when Dannii worked on the British version of the show and Kylie admitted:

“Dannii is so good at this, I’m just along for the ride. It’s really fun to do something together, so it was a done deal when she asked me.”

The ‘Spinning Around’ singer continued: “This kind of show is one of Dannii’s natural habitats, but I do feel at home on a TV set and being with my sister…We’re both comfortable in this environment.”


Dannii thinks her sister will be brilliant in her new role and admitted:

“This is a change. Kylie is a huge X Factor fan.”

Meanwhile, the mum of one has revealed that she isn’t at all upset to be in her 40s.

The 41 year old star is mum to her son Ethan, 3, and revealed that he makes growing older much easier for her.

‘When I turned 40, the thing that made me feel buoyant was the fact I had a baby,’ Dannii said.

‘I didn’t think I would ever have a baby. I never had that ticking clock, so I was like, “WOW!”


‘I see some of my girlfriends now, who are over 40 and haven’t got kids, and they’re really starting to panic.

‘I think I would have been too, by now.’

However there have been some challenges for the judge and she admitted that she cries more these days, telling Fabulous magazine:

‘You cry a lot more!’

‘It rounds your personality, so I’m more confident and more relaxed. But it challenges you every day.

‘You wake up some mornings and think: “I don’t know how to do this…”

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