Dannii Minogue: ‘Sharon Osbourne screamed at me furiously – it’s hard to remember all the abuse!’

by Lisa McGarry

X Factor judge Dannii Minogue has opened up about her nightmare first year on The X Factor, revealing that Sharon Osbourne made what should have been a great experience, into a living hell.

Simon Cowell had asked the singer and actress to join the panel of his UK reality TV show back in 2007, after seeing how popular she had become on Australia’s Got Talent. The former Home and Away star was delighted with her new job and looked forward to joining Simon, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne on The X Factor, but she hadn’t accounted for matriarch Osbourne’s nasty tongue.

In her new book, Dannii – My Story, serialised in the Daily Mail, Minogue details her first live show. The press had already been reporting about a so called feud between her and Sharon and Osbourne summoned Dannii to her dressing room to talk about the rumours. However, the Australian star got held up in hair and makeup and was subsequently faced with a screaming harpy, wrapped in a dressing gown, demanding why she had kept her waiting.

Dannii details the incident in her book writing:

‘All this b******s in the Press is ruining my life,’ Sharon snapped.

‘You could be telling them that I’m a nice person but instead you’re adding fuel to the fire by saying nothing.’

‘Sharon, I have never said anything bad about you, and I wouldn’t say anything bad about you,’ I told her. But she didn’t seem interested in what I had to say.

‘I don’t need this!’ she squeaked. ‘I’m a mother, for f***’s sake, do you think I need all this s*** in my life?’

‘Oh, don’t play the innocent. Cos if you wanna play games, Missy, I’ll play. . . Don’t you worry, I’ll play!’

Dannii added that Sharon refused to leave her dressing room and in the end, had to be forcibly removed by show producer Claire Horton.

‘This is not the time or place for this – 20 minutes before we go on air, Sharon,’ Claire said firmly. ‘Let’s talk about this later, shall we?’

But Sharon wouldn’t leave, and finally, with about ten minutes to go before the broadcast started, the show’s producers had to remove her from my dressing room, still ranting as she went.

The minute she left, I burst into tears. I’d managed to hold it together while Sharon had been there, but once she’d gone I couldn’t hold it in, and I wept into my hands. I wasn’t crying because I thought there was any truth to what she’d said – I was crying because someone I had previously looked up to had bawled in my face and ruined my big night.

Dannii revealed that the rest of the 2007 series was horrific, adding that she was forced to sit beside Sharon the ‘bully’ week after week, despite the fact that she was publicly insulting her to anyone who would listen. She wrote:

I had to put up with insults flying at me both on and off screen. In fact, when I sat on the judging panel next to Sharon each Saturday, having seen her publicly destroy me on yet another television show or Press interview that week, I felt as if I was back at primary school, when I was forced to sit next to the school bully, Fat Billy.

We’re surprised that Dannii returned to The X Factor after all that furore and then she was thrown straight into another supposed feud with Cheryl Cole.

She hasn’t had an easy ride and it’s not about to get any easier …… we can just imagine what Sharon Osbourne and her very vocal children will say about these revelations tomorrow. War has been waged and we’ll be watching Kelly O’s twitter feed very carefully.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!