Dannii Minogue: Style Queen episode one on ITV2

Dannii Minogue: Style Queen, will give viewers behind the scenes access with TV star Dannii Minogue, as she allowed cameras access in the run up to her dream business at the same time juggling all the other important elements in her life; TV, music, red-carpet events, modelling, writing her autobiography, her boyfriend Kris, travelling between London and Australia for Australia’s Got Talent – and her most important job – her impending motherhood.

In the first episode of this three part series, Dannii along with business partner and best friend Tabitha Somerset Webb get ready to launch their brand new fashion range, Project D. With seven gowns prepared for their first collection, the pair eagerly await the arrival of their samples. Dannii admitted, “This is a dream come true for me, I’ve always loved fashion and there’s no-one I’d rather be working with.”

With Christmas looming, Dannii and boyfriend Kris headed to Melbourne to catch up with friends and family. The camera followed Dannii as she headed to close friends and fashion designers Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino (aka J’Aton Couture) for a dinner party and the chance for them all to watch her appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, which was airing that night for the first time in Australia.

Back in the UK, Tabitha continues to work on their fashion venture and faces one of her toughest challenges. The sample dresses were due from China and had an important viewing scheduled with fashion bible ‘Vogue’ for the same day. With time ticking, and their deadline with the legendary magazine looming, Tabitha discovered that the dresses had been delivered to the wrong address.

As Dannii and Kris headed back to the UK, they announced the news that they are expecting their first child and as they touch down in London are greeted by a frenzy of photographers all after a first glimpse of the mum to be. A shocked Dannii said, “I’ve never experienced anything like that before, that was quite a welcome back to London. It was the only time you could use that line ‘excuse me a pregnant lady coming through’ which was making me laugh.”

During their trip back from the airport to their UK home, Dannii and Kris were soon talking baby names and the TV star admitted, “we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, we just have to choose both, someone said call the baby Kristelle, that’s a mix of Kris and Danielle” and then joked “it sounds like a perfume or something!”

After a seven year break from making records (Neon Nights, Top 10 in March 2003), Dannii decided its now time to head back into the studio, but admitted that she’s had her reservations: “Its been pushed back to my agenda for a long time. I think since X Factor came on the scene I’ve been heavily involved in the mentoring of other people and helping their music career. It’s kind of scary for me today because it’s like getting back on the horse. I think I’ve copped quite a bit of flack over the year’s for the music, “it’s not been as good as our sister’s or it’s not charted this or it should have done that” but I’ve loved it and enjoyed it and I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve got to get some confidence with it and right now I don’t have that.”

After a successful meeting with her music team, Dannii arranged a meeting with former X factor contestant Ruth Lorenzo who has since moved into song writing and recording her own album. Ruth and her former mentor headed into the studio to record one of Ruth’s songs ‘Cos Your Beautiful’, which Dannii has fallen in love with.

Dannii was keen to see Tabitha and find out what’s been happening whilst she’s been away. After the delay with the sample dresses, Tabitha informs a relieved Dannii that the dresses did make it to Vogue and they are keen to feature four of the dresses and an interview with the pair about their collaboration.

Its back to the TV studio and this time Dannii is hosting her own show, Ultimate Movie Toons for ITV1. Whilst the recording runs smoothly, behind the scenes Dannii faced a dilemma with her dress whilst also feeling under the weather. But she received a welcomed surprise as former X Factor contestants Lucie Jones and Rachel Adadeji dropped by the studio to wish her luck.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM


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