Dermot O’Leary almost exposed his manhood when he ripped his trousers on The X Factor!

by Lisa McGarry

Dermot O’Leary has admitted that one of the scariest moments of his X Factor career, was down to a last minute wardrobe malfunction.

The hunky presenter was just about to step on stage, for his trademark spin and dance, when his tight trousers split and had to be hastily held together with a safety pin.

He told The Sun’s Buzz magazine:

“I remember having a wardrobe malfunction on The X Factor. I had this tight-fitting Alexander McQueen suit and felt the trousers rip…from pole to pole, shall we say. I just had to skilfully apply a safety pin and hope for the best. It was terrifying.”

The soon to be married star will add another string to his bow later this month and will be hitting the BAFTA red carpet for the first time to interview the best British talent around.

“I haven’t got a list of red carpets dos and don’ts,” he confessed, adding:

“I’ve not done this before, but I think it’s a given that I’ll be trying not to stand on any gowns. I’ll be over the moon if I get to interview Meryl Streep – though I’d be mortified if I stood on her dress!”

Dermot will be grilling the stars on what they’re wearing and continued:

“I’ve asked E! If we can have a stiletto camera I can man to get up close to the ladies’ outfits.”

“I’d also like a doggie cam for Uggie the dog from the film ‘The Artist’. I want it strapped to his back. Let’s see the red carpet through Uggie’s eyes.”

Style-conscious, Dermot also admitted that he has put a lot of thought into his own outfit and will be wearing a bespoke Thom Sweeney tuxedo on the night:

“I’m vain as a peacock when it comes to looking through the men’s fashion mags…I have a good lad called Tom who looks after me,” he explained.

How much would you like to have been backstage when Dermot’s trousers let him down? We so wish we had been on the wardrobe team that night! Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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