Dermot O’Leary says Sharon Osbourne would ‘send you a s**t in the post’ & takes Tube with Holly Willoughby

dermot o'leary

Dermot O’Leary has admitted that while he loves Sharon Osbourne, he would be loathe to offend her or her family for fear of her fiery revenge.

The X Factor host got close to the reality TV matriarch when she returned to the ITV show last year and he loved having her on the panel for one series only.

Dermot warned Jonathan Ross not to get on the wrong side of the star though and during an appearance on the star’s chat show this week, he revealed:

“She’s such a mum to the show. But you know that if you mess with her, she’ll send you a s**t in the post.”

Simon Cowell has a lot of work to do on the ITV show this year as both Sharon Osbourne and Gary Barlow have left the panel and Louis Walsh may not be back either.

Cheryl Cole and Rita Ora have both been linked to the next series but viewers should not expect Dermot to switch roles.

dermot o leary

The handsome presenter insists that he couldn’t do the job effectively, unless bosses wanted ‘idiots’ in the final.

He said:

“I always used to get asked, ‘Would you like to be a judge?’ and to start with I thought, ‘Yeah, I’d love to be a judge’, but in actual fact I wouldn’t want to be a judge. I love doing the gig I’m doing.

“If that show is what it purports to be, that people can just come from nowhere like Sam Bailey did – she’s a prison officer and now hopefully she can have a great singing career – then you have to get experts on the panel.

“You can’t have jokers on there like me. I’d put everyone through. I’d hug them, then put them through, so idiots would be in the final if I had my way.”

dermot holly

Dermot has been filling in for Phillip Schofield on This Morning all week and yesterday, in a bid to beat London traffic, he and co-host Holly Willoughby got the Tube home.

O’Leary shared a picture of their adventures on Twitter and captioned it:

“And that is a wrap. Ta @hollywills for one of the best weeks in the longest. Loved it This Morning.#layintomorrow ”

He also posted:

“Had a tip top morning, on @thismorningitv Ta @hollywills thanks for all your tweets. Back tomorrow.”

The Jonathan Ross Show airs on Saturday, January 18 at 9.45pm on ITV.

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