Dermot O’Leary to present American X Factor

by Lisa McGarry


X Factor presenter Dermot O’Leary is reportedly being considered for an American version of the show.

The show will air on the Fox network and bosses there are said to have been very impressed with the former BBLB host.

Dermot told The News Of The World: “Obviously I’d love to be considered and work with Simon in the States, but at the moment I’m concentrating on nailing the X this side of the pond.

“I’m absolutely loving the show and my job, I’m having a blast.”

A top TV source added: “Simon has been singing Dermot’s praises in America.

“He thinks he’s a huge talent who could really be successful over there, like Cat Deeley, who hosts So You Think You Can Dance for Fox. And he’s not going to have the same problems with his accent as Ant and Dec did recently.

“It’s a big gamble for Fox because Dermot’s unknown in the States. But he comes across as very likeable and he has that common touch, which will definitely appeal to US audiences.

“If the show’s a hit, which it will be, he could become a massive star.”

Word is that Cheryl Cole is also being considered as a judge on the show.

The source added: “Fox wants to poach the best elements from the UK series and add some American magic to make the show huge. If this all goes as planned, Cheryl and Dermot could be two of the biggest names on the planet by this time next year.”

If Dermot agrees to a deal with Fox, he would still host The X Factor in the UK. ITV has already said privately it wants him back next year.

It is likely he would commute between Los Angeles and London for the few weeks when the show is on air in America.

A source said: “Dermot’s very, very busy in the UK. He has his Radio Two show, The X Factor, his restaurant in Brighton and other projects.

“But obviously it’s flattering and something he’d take very seriously. It would be a dream opportunity.”

Lisa McGarry

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