Ed Sheeran admits he’s caught between Taylor Swift & One Direction’s Harry Styles!

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Ed Sheeran has revealed that he is in a very difficult position at the minute, after two of his best friends split up recently.

Harry Styles dated Taylor Swift for around six weeks, before the couple broke up in January during what was supposed to be a romantic holiday in the Caribbean.

The pair had a short but passionate fling and it’s probably fair to say that it didn’t end too amicably, especially when you consider how Tay Tay mocked her ex at The Grammys just a few weeks later.

It sounds like things haven’t got any more friendly between the former lovebirds either and Ed is stuck right in the middle of their feud.

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The ‘A Team’ hitmaker is currently touring with Swifty in American and is getting along with the country singer like a house on fire. However, he’s learned to avoid the mention of Haz’s name at all times and told US Weekly:

“I’m like Switzerland! If you talk to one about the other, the drama starts!”

Perhaps he’d better be careful about getting close to Taylor though, as sources have claimed that the ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ singer has developed more than platonic feelings for the ginger performer and would like to add him to her long list of conquests.

“Taylor has a real crush on Ed,” an insider told OK! magazine. “She adores him.”

“She’s been texting and calling him a lot and is very excited about spending lots of time with him. She needs to have a man in her life. He’s very sweet, funny and loyal. Ed’s a keeper. This could be the long lasting relationship that Taylor is looking for.”


The pair were spotted leaving a hotel together recently in the early hours of the morning and are often pictured in each other’s company. Ed insists it’s all about the music though and that although he did stay in Tay’s hotel room on one occasion, he promises fans he remained fully clothed.

“I did stay there ’til four and I did leave in the same clothes, but I was playing her my new record,” Ed told TVNZ.

He added:

“It was strictly that kind of thing. Literally, I went in there and we passed the guitar back and forth and played songs to each other.”

It’s possible that taylor could have been writing a song about Harry at the time, because apparently she plans to pen a new track for the hunk.

“It’s a way to vent her anger and get back at [her exes],” a source said recently.

“When she gets hurt, she gets hurt hard and gets obsessed.”

“She’ll trade swipes with Harry.”

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