Francine Cornell dumped her boyfriend for Ronan Keating

The dancer who helped Ronan Keating destroy his marriage, reportedly dumped her long term boyfriend so that she could be with the star.

Francine Cornell accepted a job on Boyzone’s tour last year and the dad of her boyfriend Nick Robbins says that Ronan bombarded her with texts and led to the breakdown of his son’s relationship.

Royston, 66, told The Mirror: “They had been ­together for three years. I think they had discussed marriage. He took her all over the world on holidays.

“She moved into his Chelsea flat and he helped her career. He boosted her ­confidence and encouraged her to go to auditions. He was really pleased for her when she began working with ­Ronan.

“The last time I saw her was at a birthday dinner my wife and I attended with Nick and her a few days before they went off to Portugal. It was at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in London.

“I remember thinking something didn’t seem right with Francine. Nick had remarked to me and to his brother Andrew that she was working with Ronan Keating and that she seemed to be always receiving text messages from him.

“He didn’t seem to be jealous about it, he just thought there were rather a lot of them. The next thing I heard was that she had told him, in front of all their friends on holiday, that she wanted to end things. It was October 25, Nick’s 30th birthday.”

Sources close to new X Factor judge Ronan, say that he is obsessed with Francine and even considered leaving his wife for her earlier this year.

A source said: “The affair been going on for about seven months. It has been broken off a couple of times but not for long as he can’t stay away from her. He can’t hide the fact he fell in love with her. He’s obsessed with her – besotted.

“They even talked about moving in together in the UK.”

Looks like this affair of Ronan’s wasn’t the one night stand we had all first suspected…..are there no nice guys left out there anymore?

Lisa McGarry

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