Gamu Nhengu most likely wouldn’t return to the X Factor if given the chance

gamu nhengu

Former X Factor contestant, Gamu Nhengu has said she would most likely never audition for the show again if she had the chance.

In case you’re completely oblivious, Gamu auditioned for series 7 of The X Factor, the same year as Cher Lloyd, One Direction and Matt Cardle. She made it through to the judges houses stage but got given the boot in favour of Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel in the girl’s category.

Whilst in the midst of recovering from a case of Malaria at the same, all Cheryl needed then was a race row on her hands, and she got one! At the time, Cheryl said the singer had an “outstanding” voice, but failed to put her through to the live stages of the competition.

gamu nhengu

Petitions and Facebook groups were flying around like nobody’s business, especially when it was revealed that Cole wasn’t bringing Nhengu back as a wildcard that series, opting for TreyC Cohen.

A few months after appearing on the show, Gamu and her family were wrongly accused of benefit fraud and were even threatened with being deported back to Zimbabwe. I think Gamu-Gate has just about calmed down – does anyone still care?

Anywho, after our brief history lesson there, the singer told The Sun: “If I was given the chance to do the X Factor over again, I don’t know that I would.

“But doing it meant I got so many offers from record companies.

“This meant I got to go with a small family-run label in Scotland that has let me take time to produce a first album I’m happy with. It wouldn’t have been that that if I’d won the show.” Oh snap!

Take a look at the video to Gamu’s Shake the Room, below:

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