Honey G is back as controversial X Factor contestant stars on Loose Women

by Angharad

Love her or hate her, opinion-dividing Honey G is back on our screens once again.

The X Factor star made her TV comeback on today’s Loose Women, oddly hosting the weekly competition.

Ditching her memorable bright tracksuit, huge sunglasses and cap last week as she underwent a shocking LA makeover, the Honey G that everyone remembers was back on the ITV show today.

With gold chains around her neck, the ‘rapper’ informed viewers all about the prizes they could win.

She said: “I’m Money G because you could win sixty grand,” as she rapped about the “hot property” viewers could win.

Honey G

After finishing fifth on the X Factor last year, the reality TV star has undergone an extreme style change after splitting from boss Simon Cowell and his label, Syco.

The rapper, real name Anna Gilford, told The Sun that she is preparing to release a second single as well as start her own record label, that “will be representing real rap and hip-hop music.”

Revealing that she has a degree in popular music and recording, which specialised in music technology and studio production, she revealed that she comes from a very musical family and that from a young age, she had been practicing her trade.

She added: “Obviously making it as a global rap star is still my dream. I’m a music producer as well as a rapper.”

Some fans weren’t happy about Honey G’s unexpected appearance on the panel show.

One said: “Just managed to mute the TV before c_rap artist honey g came on doing her thang on the loose women competition,” whilst anther added that Honey G’s presenting [was] about as good as her singing.”