I’m A Celebrity: Gillian McKeith drives stars crazy with her constant screaming!

by Lisa McGarry

You Are What You Eat star Gillian McKeith is said to be making firm enemies in the I’m A Celebrity jungle camp, because she won’t stop wailing every time she sees a bug.

The TV nutrionist (who lets not forget cannot call herself a Dr anymore) has previously admitted that she is terrified of insects, saying:

“I have had a serious phobia of anything that moves since I was a child.

“I think I am very together as a person. I have worked hard to get where I have today, but when I see anything that moves,something takes over me. It’s involuntary and irrational but I am terrified.”

Why then she agreed to go on a TV show, where she is sure to be showered with creepy crawlies at least four times a day is beyond us!

It’s beyond her campmates too and an insider told The Sun that they are becoming increasingly irate with the star. They said:

“She has been causing lots of bother by screaming every time she sees a bug – and there are a lot of them in the jungle. She is really overdoing it with the dramatics.”

McKeith is said to have kept everyone awake during the first night in camp, sobbing because there was a spider on her makeshift bed.

The insider revealed:

“When she eventually went to bed she slept like a baby and was last to get up the next morning. It just goes to show she can put on the histrionics when she wants to.”

“She has been going on about when they will be able to leave and go to a hotel. Everyone knows that won’t happen. The other celebs are starting to get annoyed with her and think she is playing up to the cameras.

“They think she is trying to get sympathy from viewers and get more votes – when in fact it will probably just wind them up.”

Another source said: “She is a very odd lady. She is trying to say controversial things for the sake of it in a bid to make an impression.

“She is coming across as a bit grand – which never goes down well with the other contestants or the viewers.”

Lisa McGarry

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