James Arthur blasts attention seeking Rita Ora – backs Hannah Barrett to win X Factor 2013!

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James Arthur has been airing plenty of his dirty laundry of late and if he has a problem with someone, he’s been pretty up front about telling them so far. No Mr Nice guy fake image for him.

He doesn’t like Matt Cardle, so he told him (via Twitter and a whole host of interviews and to be fair, Cardle hasn’t got a very high opinion of the Impossible singer either) and he turned on a number of journalists and fans in a number of online rants this month.

Now, he’s shifted his attention to pop superstar Rita Ora and blasted the blonde beauty in a new interview with The Mirror, opening up about their big romance gone wrong.

It seems that James isn’t feeling all that mellow right now, despite the fact that his second single just took the number two spot in the UK singles chart and he’s revealed that he was heartbroken when he and Ora split after a short lived fling earlier this year.

He wasn’t just upset about the split, but also about the fact that the RIP singer was spotted out on the town with David Beckham’s best mate Dave Gardner soon after the breakup took place.

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“Who hasn’t had interest from Rita Ora?” James told the newspaper. “Publicly, that’s her image… but she’s a lovely girl.”

He added:

“Recently I was seeing a girl who I wanted to make my girlfriend. Then she started to question being with me, because she sees in the media that I’m seeing Lacey Banghard.

“But I get it, because I had the same question when I saw Rita Ora out with me one night and then coming out of a club with David Beckham’s best friend the other night.”

Uh oh, Rita had better watch out. A X Factor star scorned and all that!

Thankfully, James stuck to a safer topic when he chatted with Digital Spy this week and he revealed who he’s backing to win the X Factor this year.


The ‘You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves’ you singer was in the studio watching the live performances last weekend and he is hoping that Hannah Barrett can make it to the end, despite her being in the singoff on Sunday.

However the 24 year old acknowledged that Tamera Foster taking the record deal in December is a more likely result and explained:

“It can work against you, but I think Tamera will win. She’s the whole package and I think the show will be championing her for it. She’s very marketable. But I think Hannah’s voice is the strongest. Tamera will do well regardless.”

Offering advice to hopefuls Hannah, Tamera, Abi Alton, Kingsland Road, Rough Copy and the rest, the singer continued:

“I think the key is being consistent. I went out there every week and was really honest with my performance. No-one could criticise the effort I put in.”

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  1. supposed on November 2, 2013 at 12:42 pm

    No he has not “turned” on journalists and fans! He has simply asserted his right to stand up for himself when people are either attacking him or making slanderous remarks that could potentially sabotage him and his career! James made an accurate statement on twitter recently, where he claimed that his fans are not dumb… They know when people are hating. He is completely correct… We will not be manipulated by the media or individuals perception of him. His fans follow him incredibly closely and therefore we know the truth.

  2. unrealityshouldbeblasted on November 2, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    Come on unreality… Stop catastrophising… James saying Rita attracts attention, she is a nice girl, etc., ought not to be defined as ” blasting”!!!!!!!!!

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