Jedward: Let Loose on ITV2

Ireland’s twin phenomenon Jedward are moving out of home for the first time into a swanky apartment in an exclusive part of Dublin.

Brand new series Jedward: Let Loose has exclusive access to their experimental attempt to cut the apron strings and go it alone. Viewers will see the boys attempting to live in separate bedrooms for the first time in their lives, having shared a room their entire lives.

The series introduces Jedward’s family and gets the inside track on the hype and hysteria surrounding the nation’s favourite twins. The series will also follow them as they prepare for the launch of their new album, perform onstage, and deal with their fame whilst trying to adapt to their new surroundings and independence. We will also take a look back at their success on The X Factor, what happened when Edward collapsed in agony, the boys designing their own trainers for a sports label and we go behind the scenes on set with Jedward for one of their music videos.

Jedward said: “We are so excited that we have our own show. People find it hard to define us and hopefully the show will give viewers and our fans an insight into our world during a really exciting point in our lives launching our debut album.”

The boys will have to cook, clean and fend for themselves, a tall order when they are used to relying on mum to sort out all their domestic chores.

On arrival at the penthouse apartment the boys are bowled over by its size and décor. However, their excitement soon turns to shock when they realise they have no running water. They run around the apartment turning on all of the taps but there’s no water.

Eventually they discover the instructions and manage to switch the water on. Their relief is short lived when they walk into their jacuzzi bathroom and discover they have flooded it, after only being in the apartment for less than an hour. By the time they have cleared up the mess it is getting very late and they’ve no food in the house. They order a sushi takeaway and take over half an hour deciding what they want. At the end John is not sure the woman on the other end of the phone understood a word he said.

It’s the first morning in their new apartment, and the twins have a major gig to promote their debut album. It is Edward’s first performance since badly injuring his knee during a live gig a few days ago. But things are not looking good. Edward’s knee is swollen and painful. The boys have to take a trip to the doctor’s to see if Edward is fit to perform. Depending on his verdict their whole tour and future could be thrown into jeopardy.


Lisa McGarry

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