JLS’ Marvin Humes calls Rochelle Wiseman ‘most beautiful pregnant lady’ despite her morning sickness!

marvin humes

Marvin Humes is looking forward to becoming a baby daddy and it sounds as though Rochelle Wiseman’s pregnancy has been bringing the pair closer and closer together.

Their impending arrival will more or less be a bit of a honeymoon baby, as the JLS star seemed to knock his wife very very soon after their wedding ceremony last summer.

The singer looked as hunky as ever when he attended the launch of the band’s new female perfume, Love, at London’s Marriott hotel on Thursday evening and he told The Daily Mail that he’s feeling ready to become a dad for the first time.

Marvin said:

“I’m feeling massive excitement. I’m definitely ready for it, it’s not anything that scares me.”

Rochelle missed an interview with her bandmates from The Saturdays on Breakfast TV this week, citing morning sickness as the reason for her absence. Despite her queasiness and tendency to throw up at the drop of a hat, Humes insisted that his wife is blooming and added:

“She is the most beautiful pregnant lady.


“We are both at a great point in our lives and we are in a relationship in where we both feel comfortable to extend our love. It’s amazing, incredible and we can’t wait.”

“Like most women who have had children it’s pretty tough but she is strong she is a trooper nothing phases her she’s dealt with it really well she has had rough days but she’s doing great,” he added.

Humes revealed that he and Rochelle haven’t found out if they’re expecting a potential boyband or girl group star laughing:

“We don’t know we are keeping the sex a surprise. We want to wait. [The baby is due in the] Summer, I think we have four months left.”


Whatever sex it is, this tot will be mixing with the rich and famous from day one and Marvin added:

“When the baby comes, I’m with the boys all the time so the baby will be with us a lot of the time.”

Rochelle wasn’t with her hubby last night, as it seems she still isn’t feeling very well. She tweeted her fans on Wednesday saying:

“Gutted to miss out on Day Break this morning..1st I’ve missed something. Hated it. Felt very poorly have to listen to the baby. Sorry all x”

She later added:

“Am feeling a bit better now though x”

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