JLS’ Marvin Humes, Aston Merrygold, Oritse Williams & JB Gill tweet their goodbyes – totes emosh!

by Nick Barnes
JLS Farewell Tour


Last night, it all came to a close for JLS as they performed together for the very last time on their Farewell tour.

This morning, the lads tweeted their goodbyes as a group but promised that even though the group may have split, they will still pursue their own solo careers. It’s all a bit too emotional for a Monday morning. We want to crawl back in bed and watch a sad movie.

JLS HQ kicked off the tirade of tweets last night via the official JLS twitter account, in which they tweeted: “Well everyone! It’s here, the last tour update. What a journey. I am so very proud to have been on it with you!

“Thank you for all your support, laughter and tweets. I will now tweet my last tweet as HQ and hand over to the guys”.

Before the show, Aston tweeted: “So as Michael Jackson once said.. This is it! Words can’t describe how I’m feeling right now so who knows what later will feel tonight”.

Oritse Williams added: “IM so GRATEFUL!!! THANK u All!!!!!! (sic)”.

JLS Farewell Tour

Meanwhile, JB Gill went on to add: “What an amazing night last night.words fail me,I am so proud of my boys and what we have achieved.emotions ran high…thank you all!!x (sic)”.

Marvin Humes has kept a tad quiet on the goodbye-front, but we reckon he’ll make a tweet or two later today and we’ll need to dig out our Kleenex again.

But, it may be true that the JLSters are the greatest fans EVER as they’ve kept #EverybodySayJLS trending at the top of the UK trends all morning.

One fan tweeted: “#EverybodySayJLS cant believe they’re not together anymore… the only boyband I ever fangirled over (sic)”.

Another added: “You guys are so inspirational&my idols:’) you have always made me smile with your music:* #EverybodySayJLS (sic)”.

Finally, another fan tweeted this morning: “#EverybodySayJLS is still trending. It had 12thousand tweetsi love this fandom. JLSters forever, Victory after Victory triumph after triumph(sic)”.


Nick Barnes

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  1. Tonirose merrygold on December 25, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    Dear aston will u plz write back to me I in love with u I am the biggest jlster in the world and I am so sad about u and the guys splitting up I cried that much I made my self sick I saw ur farewell concert in Belfast u said we were the loudest u have ever preformed for ur great at singing. From toniroseharpermclaughlin belfast

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