John Newman wants to work with One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik & Liam Payne!

John Newman has admitted that he would love to work with the One Direction lads of the opportunity ever arose.

The chart topping British singer songwriter is best known for the track “Love Me Again” which charted number one on the UK Singles Chart in July 2013 as well as being a featured artist for Rudimental’s number one single “Feel the Love” and number 14 single “Not Giving In”.

In a recent interview with MTV News he was asked if he would consider collaborating with the X Factor stars, who are currently touring America and Canada.

John admitted that he wants to work with all manner of stars and that 1D would certainly be an option. He explained:

“Yes….As a producer, I want everything to have a tinge of me so people will know, ‘Oh that must have been a John Newman track’.

“So definitely, if the opportunity is there, I would work with anybody that I fully appreciate and I think is amazing.”

Many songwriters of his calibre are snobby about reality TV shows and series’ such as The X Factor but John insists that the competitions have their place in the industry and work for a certain genre of artist.

He praised shows such as The X Factor and The Voice, saying:

“I think the marketing ideas behind it is absolutely genius and it’s worked really well for people who’ve done it.

“Regarding the artists, it’s good because some artists don’t get recognised and it’s nice for people to be able to help. I think it is definitely a good thing, to get more people on the market that maybe wouldn’t do or wouldn’t have the confidence to do everything themselves.”

Newman is feeling pretty grateful and thankful to his fans this week, after they pushed his song to number one last Sunday and he tweeted them saying:

“Thankyou to everyone, i honestly want to thankyou all so much! Means so much to me!! #LoveMeAgain”

He added:

“I swear this is the most stunning an emotional time i have had in my musical career….”

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Lisa McGarry

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