Justin Bieber offers support to One Direction’s Zayn Malik after he supposedly cheated on Perrie Edwards with Courtney Webb!

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Justin Bieber has proved that he really is a good friend to One Direction’s Zayn Malik, after his friend got himself into a bit of trouble this week.

Zayn has been accused of cheating on his girlfriend Perrie Edwards with Australian waitress Courtney Webb and the blonde beauty sold her story to The Sun at the weekend along with a number of pictures which allegedly show the hunk in bed during their night together.

In a recent interview Justin proved that whether his pal is in the wrong or not, he will still support him all the way and he even offered a haven to the hunk should he need an escape.

Justin is newly single himself, having just split from girlfriend of two years Selena Gomez and he told Yahoo! Omg:

“I am there for him whatever he is going through – that is what buddies do. If he wants to go away and have a little trip to get away from things that is cool.

justin bieber zayn malik niall horan

“We could go and do a weekend in Vegas and just get away from everything.”

We think if Zayn is hoping to work things out with Perrie he should probably stick around the UK for a little while longer, instead of hitting casinos and bars with his lad friends. He seems to have a LOT of making up to do.

JB revealed that he has a lot of sympathy for Malik, because he knows what it’s like to be in the middle of a very public scandal and he continued:

“We are blessed to be doing what we are doing – but I know how tough it can be dealing with something that should be private in the public eye,” he said. “All you want is privacy but you know it isn’t going to happen.”

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He added: “All the One Direction guys are my buddies – but I do get along really great with Zayn. We hang out a lot and we have a whole bunch of common interests and find similar stuff funny. He is a really good guy.”

Zayn and Justin hung out when 1D were in America last year and Malik ended up on crutches after they had a little bit too much fun at Bieber’s house.

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Perrie has reportedly forgiven her man and he stayed at her hotel room overnight on Sunday, even though friends reportedly pleaded with the Little Mix singer to dump the hunk.

What do you think of Justin’s comments? Should he be taking Zayn’s side? Leave your comments below….

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