Leaked tapes prove that Wagner is ‘pissed off’ with X Factor bosses (LISTEN HERE!)

Could Brazilian born Wagner Carrilho be on his way out of the X Factor?

Tabloid newspapers have managed to get their hands on a tape of the former PE teacher allegedly blasting show bosses, claiming that they will never let him win, complaining that they make him sing ‘sh*t songs’ and insisting that Simon Cowell chooses his own category on the show.

The 54-year-old, who is the current bookies’ favourite to exit the show this weekend, was reportedly talking to a friend when he said:

“Do you really think they’ll let a Brazilian man win this? Not a f***ing chance. It’s gotta be for a British person. No way don’t be silly. They are making me sing ***t songs right. I never thought I could win anyway because I think this is more for some kind of British English person either a nice pretty girl or a boy’s group. I don’t think they will let me beat the English. There’s no f*****g way. ”

He added:

“All I wanted is one big hit on You Tube but I don’t think they will let a Brazilian win. It’s only what they tell you to sing and one thing I don’t like is that they make me sing s*** songs. At boot camp there was another 100. Simon Cowell is the boss. You see the theatre of them phoning each other. Someone telling Simon Cowell he was gonna manage the groups. That’s *******t. No-one tells Simon what to do. [laughs]. He owns the record company, he owns the television channel and he owns the programme. Who is gonna f*****g tell him what to do? Whoever wins, it doesn’t affect him because he earns the money anyway. Let me tell you how this business works. In the past, a recording artist would be no.1 in the charts for real. That was many many years ago. Nowadays its like this, there is no such thing as No.1 for real because everybody downloads stuff for free so what happens is this – they put a name on the charts and in the press saying that is the No.1 and then people will buy it because they were told that is No.1. This is how it is. So Simon Cowell can decide that Richard Chamberlain is No.1 in the charts and everybody says “f*****g hell Richard Chamberlain is in the charts”. It’s all sales – its all bull***t”

The Sun, who have access to a longer segment of the phonecall, also claim that Wagner hit out at his mentor Louis Walsh, for giving Mary Byrne better songs than him. He said:

“It stinks, I am well p*ssed off with them (X Factor bosses).”

“Mary is given full songs and they don’t show me f******g singing.”

He added: “If you see me in the finals, I will be getting songs overnight that I cannot sing properly. You only sing what you want once or twice and that’s it.”

You can listen to the tapes of Wagner ranting below and be sure to let us know what you think if his assertions.

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