Leon Jackson ‘didn’t feel comfortable’ with his X Factor image

Former X Factor winner Leon Jackson has vowed that he will never perform his winners single ‘Believe’ again and said he was never comfortable with the image that was portrayed of him on the TV talent show.

The 21 year old singer won the 2007 series of the ITV show but was later dropped by his record label, after his debut album flopped the following autumn.

Claiming that the boy we saw on our TV screens was never really him, Leon told The Daily Record:

“There was a false perception that I was this guy in a shiny suit singing jazz like Michael Buble.

“Yet when I first started singing, I appreciated people like Gavin De-Graw and Paolo Nutini or Buble’s more contemporary songs such as Home or Lost.

“My number one song, When You Believe, was never me and I didn’t feel comfortable with it in the first place. I was singing songs that weren’t really me and doing things I had to do.

“I was not comfortable and it was not appealing to people my age.”

However, unlike former winners who were chewed up and spat out by the show and it’s stars, Leon refuses to criticise Simon Cowell. He said:

“It’s not like I won’t speak to Simon now. I’m not annoyed like that. It was part of my cliched ‘journey’ and it was meant to land me here.

“Some of my new songs maybe reflect the journey I’ve been on.

“I had to go through what I did to be where I am now. I had to start over and feel happier and it helped me to understand and learn the things I needed to be liberated and fulfilled.

“It’s all about personal fulfilment for me as an artist – like Will Young after Pop Idol. Musical integrity has led him to have a career.”

Lisa McGarry

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