Louis Walsh is the least popular X Factor judge

by Gerard McGarry

Irish music manager Louis Walsh is the least popular X Factor judge, according to Unreality TV’s poll.

An amazing 9,000 of you voted, but Louis only received a paltry 575 votes, which is a pathetic 6% of the vote. But since X Factor only cares about public opinion when there’s a phone vote behind it, Louis will probably return for the 2010 series.

In just the last series, the unpopular judge chose Irish act Jedward despite any obvious talent, gave a two-fingered salute to the studio audience and told a phone in viewer on the Xtra Factor “that’s why I’m a judge on this show and you’re sitting at home watching”. He also snapped a similar comment at presenter Dermot O’Leary during a live show. (Poll results at the end of this post)

Girls on top

Both female judges, Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue topped the poll with a combined percentage of 74%. The Girls Aloud singer wins by roughly 400 votes, but actually only overtook Dannii after the show ended.

We believe that despite an early controversy when she ‘outed’ Danyl Johnson, Dannii won the affection of the public by being focussed on judging the contestants based on talent while people felt Louis and Simon were clearly manipulating the public to vote for their own acts. Dannii’s appointment to the judging panel was a controversial topic, and rumours continue to circulate that Simon Cowell is considering sacking her. He might want to rethink that…

Simon’s unexpected low

We felt that Simon’s judging this series was biased and quite poor. That seems to have been reflected by the voters in our poll, who gave him only 20% of the vote. That’s quite a blow, especially since Simon intends taking X Factor across the Atlantic and fronting the show in America.

However, devoid of his usual honest criticism, he failed to give his acts a single negative comment and seemed to be revelling in Jedward’s continued presence on the show, despite publicly complaining about the brothers. A comment from Louis Walsh on Xtra Factor even implied that Simon had been instrumental in shortlisting the Irish duo.

Perhaps that’s a key factor in Simon’s low placement in the poll? Has he overestimated his ability to influence the British public?


Maybe I’m reading too much into these results – tell me in the comments – but the public are seemingly warming to the more nurturing mentors, Cheryl and Dannii. There’s a feeling that neither Simon or Louise were taking the competition seriously this year.

We know that Simon’s position on the show is secure, but what of Louis? He’s been sacked before (briefly replaced by Brian Friedman), but was brought back. Is it time to bring on a more impartial judge with a working eye for talent?

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