Louis Walsh: ‘Nadine Coyle needs Girls Aloud’

X Factor judge Louis Walsh has insisted that Nadine Coyle needs to heal her rift with her Girls Aloud bandmates, if she wants to have a successful music career.

Louis put the band together on ITV’s Popstars:The Rivals and managed the girls for a year afterwards. Nadine disappeared to LA last year when the band decided to take a break, but reports suggest that during this time she has grown apart from her bandmates and that bad feeling has arisen between them.

Louis told Heat magazine:

“I think she needs Girls Aloud. I really do. I think she so needs it.”

“The only person who can sort out the problems is [Nadine], because the other girls are all over here and she’s in LA.”

“I hope they can work it out.”

“They don’t have to like each other, they just have to work together. ”

“No girlband really gets on well, because they all want to be the skinniest, they all want to be doing lead vocals and they all want to go out with the most famous footballer.”

Nadine had hoped to launch a solo album to rival that of her pal Cheryl Cole, however sources say that her record label slashed the budget for the record in March and plans for a successful solo career seem to be slipping away.

A source close to Nadine said:

“She’s heartbroken, as she knows she’s not going to break America,” says the source. “They don’t know who she is.”

“She counts America as her home now and doesn’t want to come back to UK.

And she knows she can’t go grovelling back to the girls.”

Do you think Nadine should go back, cap in hand, to Girls Aloud? Should the girls even have her back? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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