Louis Walsh won’t leave X Factor if Simon Cowell returns but Si Co is torn!

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Louis Walsh revealed recently that he is leaving The X Factor, after ten long years on the ITV show.

The Irish star has been on the singing show since it’s inception in 2004 and confirmed this month that is is intending to leave after one more final series.

He’s been reunited with his old pal Sharon Osbourne, who will also be leaving after the 2013 run and he told the TV Times:

“I’m happy this is going to be my last year. I’ve been judging X Factor for ten years so I’ve done it all.”

So the obvious question is could anything happen to make Louis change his mind? Well actually yes, there is. It turns out the former Westlife boss would stay on the judging panel if Simon Cowell came back.

The music mogul left the show in 2011 when the X Factor USA began and since then he’s fronted the American show, leaving the British version in the hands of Gary Barlow etc.

louis walsh

However Lou Lou just wants his pal back and if Simon returns then so will he.

“I’ve been doing it ten years,” he told the Radio Times. “It’s an awful long time to be on the show. I don’t want to be pushed. I’d prefer to leave than be pushed. To leave on my terms.

“Now if Cowell came back, I might come back. The two of us, we would not stop laughing. If Simon called me up and said… but, oh well. Let’s see what happens.”

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Simon is said to be torn over which show to work on and while he’s determined to make the US version work, if the ratings continue to fall he may be pushed off the TV network, leaving him free to come home.

ITV are keen to have him back too, however even Mr. Cowell hasn’t yet perfected the art of being in two countries at the same time!

Would you like to have Louis and Simon back? Leave your comments below….

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