Louis Walsh: ‘X Factor is an escape’


X Factor judge, Louis Walsh, won’t be appearing on either of this weekend’s shows due to the funeral of his close friend Stephen Gately, but he has admitted that his mentoring role on the show is the only thing keeping him going.

Although Louis hasn’t seen his acts, Miss Frank and John & Edward Grimes this week, he says that his daily phone calls to them are keeping him strong.

He told The Sun: “I love the X Factor – it’s the best job in the would.

“I’m so glad I’ve got it right now as Stephen’s death still hasn’t sunk in and it’s helping me cope.

“Every day I talk to Miss Frank and the twins. It really lifts me. I speak to my acts every day. I might be over in Ireland but they need me and I am there for them.

“They have got my number and they can call me – and they do.

“I like talking to them, it’s an escape. I’m way ahead right now. I have got songs sorted for weeks in advance.”

He defended young John and Edward saying:

“People give them a hard time but they are such sweet kids, so innocent and naive. They are more naive than Boyzone ever were.

“They are just kids and it’s great to see them enjoying themselves. I said people will like them and you know what? I think they do.”

Lisa McGarry

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