Management rage at One Direction over big casino splurge but Niall Horan was a good boy!

by Lisa McGarry

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One Direction’s management are keen for them to maintain a clean cut image but the boys have been making things difficult for their pr team of late.

Zayn Malik has earned the reputation of a love rat after his reported night of passion with Courtney ‘CJ’ Webb and Harry Styles has become known as quite the womaniser after a series of high profile flings.

Niall Horan has admitted that their managers were fit to be tied again recently, when they found out that the band had visited a casino and lost a substantial amount of money in one night.

The Irish star revealed that after they all turned 18, they decided to mark the occasion with a bit of legal gambling, but it sounds like the whole thing got a little out of hand.

He told We Love Pop magazine:

‘Like most of the stupid things we do, it seemed like it was a good idea at the time. We just thought, “We’re 18, this is the first time we’ve been able to spend a bit of money in weeks because we’ve been on the road.”‘

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Niall splurged £100, which he didn’t think was too bad but the others lost a lot more by the sound of it and he added:

‘I won £100, which seemed reasonable, then I stopped. But I’ll have to say, ‘No comment’ about the others.’

Management know exactly how much cash was lost and Horan confessed that they gave the whole group a real dressing down over it. He continued:

‘Let’s just say it got a bit ugly and a lot of money was lost. A lot. When our management found out, we got a serious dressing-down about it.’

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Louis Tomlinson thinks it was a good life lesson though and he insisted that things will never go too far between he and his bandmates, because they all keep each other in check.

He claims that he, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik have each other’s back and watch out for one another and insisted:

‘I think that’s the beauty of being in a band. Often people who have had fame from such a young age as solo artists find it harder to stay grounded, because it’s just them.

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‘But with us, we’ve got each other. The minute one of us falls out of line, another one of us will set them straight!’

We wish we had been a fly on the wall when the other guys first heard about Zayn’s transgressions while they were in France recently. They were just waking up after a night at the NRJ Music Awards when news broke of his supposed romp with Webb, while he was still dating Perrie Edwards from Little Mix.

We hope it was his pals that told him to hotfoot it to Nottingham to apologise to the blonde beauty and set things right.

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