Mark Owen admits his kids don’t listen to Take That…. They prefer One Direction!

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Mark Owen has admitted that his children aren’t big fans of his music.

His little ones aren’t keen on Mark’s solo tunes or his Take That songs but they do listen o One Direction on a daily basis.

Mark is dad to three young children and would love his kids – Elwood (6), Willow (4) and 11-month-old Fox India – to listen to ‘Four Minute Warning’, ‘Clementine’ and maybe even a little bit of ‘Shine’ but they prefer to have a little bit of ‘Kiss You’ or ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ playing in their home he confessed.

Mark told The Sun:

“My stuff isn’t on the stereo at home. The kids love music – they’ll put in on in the morning and start dancing around, so I’m getting quite up on One Direction and Ellie Goulding. She’s brilliant, I like her. Florence And The Machine too.’

Owen is currently promoting his new solo album ‘The Art Of Doing Nothing’ and admitted that he worked his recording commitments around his young family over the last year. Mark used a studio at the bottom of his garden so he could still take his children to school and see them each day and he added:

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“The kids were at school, so I worked during the day, but it was really going on in the evenings. Sometimes they’d come down and listen to it for five minutes, then get bored.”

“What they tend to do more than anything is raid the fridge in the studio for my chocolate. That’s the game – they come in, steal Dad’s chocolate, wave it at me, then run off.”

Mark performed his latest solo gig in Belfast this week and it seems he got quite the response in The Limelight bar. He tweeted:

mark owen

“Number 1….Could have been loudest crowd in Belfast last night …… We sang our wee hearts out…. Thank you….. M.O x”

His Dublin concert went well too and he added:

“A beautiful night in Dublin last night…… Loved the venue and the people. Thank you for my socks and for singing and dancing with us….”

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