Mary Byrne paid £25 per week by X Factor bosses

Mary Byrne is reportedly being paid the paltry sum of €30 (£25 sterling) per week for her appearance on ITV’s X Factor.

The Dublin mum of one is said to be incredibly worried about her finances, a fact which is made even more shocking when you consider that show boss Simon Cowell takes home approximately £200,000 per episode of the series.

A show insider told The Belfast Telegraph:

“It’s a disgrace. There is a huge, glaring difference in what the judges and contestants earn. After living expenses and costs it’s likely many of them will walk away from The X Factor with virtually nothing.

“Mary would be just as well off if she worked at Tesco over Christmas and got her bonus. That’s the shocking reality of The X Factor.”

A source close to Mary added: “All the contestants, including Mary, have to watch their spending. They work really long hours, especially at weekends, and financial rewards are minimal.

“They get their rent and food paid for in the house, but that’s about the height of it. The pay still leaves very little room for anything else. If Mary wants any of her family over at the show they have to pay their air fares, hotels and expenses. The X Factor doesn’t cover any of it. So if Mary splashes out on a flight and hotel for her daughter for instance, then that eats a massive hole in her savings.”

Mary Byrne will be allowed to return home to Dublin this week, after she suffered a mini meltdown on Saturday’s live X Factor show.

The mum of one failed to impress the panel with her rendition of ‘There You’ll Be’ from the American war movie ‘Pearl Harbour.’ The performance was below par and afterwards she admitted:

I don’t know. I haven’t been in the zone at all this week. I’m quite low, and lonely for my daughter. I’m very nervous tonight and I don’t know why.

She later told The Daily Star Sunday:

“It’s harder for a mum to leave her children than it is for other ­contestants to leave their families.

“I’ve only ever been away from my daughter Deborah for a week in her whole life. Being away from her breaks my heart.”

Lisa McGarry

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