Matt Richardson, Ed Sheeran & Matt Edmondson win Weird Crush 2014!

by Lisa McGarry

matt richardson

TV host and comic Matt Richardson has won the dubious honour of being voted ‘Weird Crush 2014’ by readers of heat magazine, and listeners of heat radio.

The Xtra Factor presenter, 22, stole the crown from last year’s winner, comedian Russell Howard.

The accolade honours the world’s most unconventionally sexy men, those stars with an indefinable twinkle in their eye rather than a sculpted, glistening torso. It’s an honour that even the prettiest of men lust after and One Direction’s Harry Styles has even been quoted as saying he fancies wining it.

Now in its eighth year, heat’s Weird Crush is the reader poll all celebrity men want to win. It’s the one that shows that they’re appreciated for who they really are, rather than a set of dazzling teeth and bulging pecs.

ed sheeran olympics

Previous winners have included Magician Derren Brown, Karl Pilkington, Jeremy Clarkson and Pointless co-host Richard Osman.

Last year James Corden complained to a newspaper: “I’m never going to be a sex symbol; I don’t even get on the Weird Crush list.” This year the actor makes a dramatic re-entry at number six following on from 14th place in 2010 and 5th place in 2011.

Commenting on his win, Matt Richardson said: “I’m really happy. I really wanted it. A lot of people might be embarrassed about it, but I thought I’m never going to be Torso of the Week, so I’d better win this one. I campaigned quite hard, but Matt Edmondson was all like, “I don’t want to win it,” and then started getting everyone to vote for him on the radio. But I still won. And I did it without a national radio show.”

Matt Edmondson

heat’s Lucie Cave added: “Sexiness comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and smells, and at heat we like to celebrate the unconventional. So while ‘Weird Crush’ might sound like a backhanded compliment, it’s actually the highest honour we can bestow.”

2014 Weird Crushes:

1. Matt Richardson (new entry)

2. Ed Sheeran (last year 10th)

3. Matt Edmondson (new entry)

4. Jon Richardson (last year 2nd)

5. Francis Boulle (last year 6th)

6. James Corden (re-entry)

7. Dynamo (new entry)

8. Paul Hollywood (last year 12th)

9. John Bishop (last year 14th)

10. Jake Wood (last year 18th)

2013 Weird Crushes:

1. Russell Howard

2. Jon Richardson

3. Richard Osman

4. Benedict Cumberbatch

5. Matt Smith

6. Francis Boulle

7. Adam Richman

8. Alexander Armstrong

9. Alan Rickman

10. Ed Sheeran

A nationwide poll saw over 3,000 readers cast their votes and after a hard fought contest the top 15 Weird Crushes can now be revealed in this week’s heat and the top 20 can be seen by visiting

Matt Richardson will present ‘Matt Richardson’s Weird Valentines’ on heat radio on Saturday 15 February from 12-2pm.

Lisa McGarry

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