‘Mean’ Sharon Osbourne offered to suck Simon Cowell’s d*** for X Factor 2013 return!


Sharon Osbourne has teased that she had to provide Simon Cowell with sexual favours, to get her role back on The X Factor.

The mum of three left the show after the 2007 series and a feud with then judge Dannii Minogue but this year she’s back and joining Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger on the UK panel.

She’s been auditioning hopefuls in London’s Wembley Arena all week and apparently keeping the whole crew entertained with her dirty jokes, but she admitted that she had to pay her dues to get there.

In an interview with Metro the reality TV matriarch admitted that she had certain tasks to perform in return for a job and teased:

‘I said “if I suck your d*** can I get the job?” And he said “of course”,’ she cackled.

‘It was very simple, very simple. There we are.’

sharon osbourne x factor

Sharon told the press that Simon had ‘small penis syndrome’ last year, after he dissed her in a book about his life. However this week she wanted to calm the troubled waters and setting the record straight she insisted that she had merely been trying to annoy the music mogul.

She said:

‘I only said that because he said he didn’t like working with me in his book so I thought I would say something mean.’

‘That is how we are like in our relationship, we have underlying respect but if he says something mean then I will go “take that”. Doesn’t everyone dread that being said about them?’

sharon osbourne

Sharon knew exactly which buttons to press it seems and she continued:

‘I don’t care what size his d*** is. I should give a s***. The thing is I knew how to get him and he knew how to get me.’

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