New poll: Was Louis Walsh right to vote off FYD on Saturday’s X Factor?

by Gerard McGarry

Louis Walsh took a fair bit of flack on Saturday night after he used his vote to send Simon Cowell’s boyband FYD home. Instead he chose to save unpopular blonde singer Katie Waissel.

Many people believe that Louis was wrong to use his vote to send FYD home. If Louis had evened out the votes, he would have created a deadlock situation. And when the competition goes to deadlock, the public vote is used to determine who should leave the show. The act with the lowest votes goes home.

Of course, most viewers believe that if the public vote had been used, Katie Waissel would have been the one to go home. Waissel’s not a popular contestant on the show, for several reasons. It’s now widely known that she’s performed under different names in the past, has done a web series for Sprite called Green Eyed World. She has also had a record deal under the name Lola Fontaine. Given this, and the way she’s acted on the show, many people feel she’s a fake who doesn’t deserve to be on the show.

Whatever you think of Waissel personally, it’s fairly safe to say that her survival song on Sunday night saved her ass. She ditched the gimmicky costumes of the previous evening, performing in an elegant voice and giving her voice the showcase it deserved.

The big question for you guys – should Louis have let the decision go to deadlock by saving FYD, or was he right to save Katie? Or…secret answer #3: Is the judges’ vote really necessary? Should it always be based on the public vote?

Have your say now: The poll’s located on the top-right corner of the page (in a big, bright pink box) – go and cast your vote. And leave any opinions in the comment box below…

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