One Direction: Niall Horan loves his “f’in job so much” as he expresses his shock at the size of the arena in Norway

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There’s always one excited child in a group, and it seems that Niall Horan is the one that is easily excited amongst the One Direction lads.

Last night, after the group finished up their gig in Oslo, Niall took to his official Twitter to tell fans how much he loves his ‘f’in job’, even admitting his shock at the size of the arena.

He tweeted: “That was an incredible show! The arena was amazing! Norwegian crowd was on top form tonight! Love u ! Cya soon Norway.

“Playin arenas that big makes me think! “I f’in love my job so much” (sic)”.


Earlier in the day, he tweeted a picture of the arena, claiming it was “mahooosive”.

He wrote on the social networking site: “This arena is mahooosive! It’s like a football stadium! 8,000 on the floor alone!Cant wait Norway! Lets make it loud (sic).” Although, I’m not sure what football stadium he’s been to that holds 8,000 people on the pitch alone?

In-keeping with the flood of appreciative tweets, Harry Styles even tweeted: “Oslo was amazing.. Thanks for having us. One of my favourite places in the world.”


However, we think Harry was being a tad modest with that tweet after he nearly got taken out by a crazed fan earlier in the day, as he was leaving his swanky hotel. The lunatic fan ran up to him, wrapping her arms around him as tightly as she could. One Direction fans on Twitter meanwhile made it out that Harry had been “attacked”.

Meanwhile, band member Zayn Malik tweeted a picture yesterday of Niall being a “diva”, as he was asleep on the tour bus with his shades on.

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One Direction move onto Sweden this evening with their Take Me Home world tour.

Take a look at he video to Kiss You, below:

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