Did Niall Horan make it home for Christmas? & Sam Callahan explains THOSE rudey nudey sexts!

by Nick Barnes
Niall Horan


Yesterday we reported that Niall Horan was virtually homeless as severe weather had prevented him from getting home. He got all hysterical and took to his Twitter account to let us know how much he HATES British weather.

Well, it looks like a Christmas miracle was on the horizon for Niall as he’s finally made it home for Christmas. Hip Hip Hooooray!

The wind and rain played absolute chaos with just about every mode of transport you could think of yesterday and it was looking likely that Mr. Horan would be enjoying a yummy microwave meal on Christmas day.

But, according to his brother Greg, Niall made it home safe and sound yesterday.

A fan sent a direct message to Greg this morning to ask: “Gregory are you upset that Niall can’t come over for Christmas?

“Greg where is Niall spending Christmas?”

To which the other Mr. Horan replied: “At home he got home”.

It looked like Niall was on the verge of a breakdown yesterday as he wrote on his Twitter account: “Well this is shit! Looks like we ain’t going home for Xmas”.
Greg Horan DM

He later tweeted: “F**k you wind”. (I very nearly sang a certain song from a movie called Ted then).

After the close call yesterday, let’s hope that he eats his own body weight in Pigs in Blankets, Turkey and anything else he can lay his Irish hands on.

Elsewhere, the filth bag that is Sam Callahan has spoken out about THAT sexting scandal. He’s admitted he is wrong and is hoping that Santa sprinkles some magic dust over the situation and makes it all better.

Just in case you didn’t know, Sam was caught out sexting some glamour model a couple of weeks back. The glamour model supposedly came to the press and claimed that she’d been sent some nudes by Sam. (leak, leak leak?)

tamera foster, sam callahan

Speaking to The Sun, The X Factor hottie said: “We were in a hotel room together when I foind out about the story and I instantly punched the wall. Tamera was like ‘What are you doing? I’m cool with it’.

“She dealt with it better than I did. I thought it could make or break us. I was scared because I love her and I think the world of her and I wouldn’t want that to end because if a stupid mistake. I did a very stupid thing. It’s over and it’s not going to happen ever again”… and I should hope not as well.

What’s the moral of the story? Keep you man-parts in your pants, Sam!!

Nick Barnes

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