Ohhh Cher Lloyd releases new With Ur Love video & becomes more popular than Cheryl Cole on Twitter

by Lisa McGarry

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Cher Lloyd wasn’t much more than a spindly little teenager when she first begged Cheryl Cole to give her a chance on the X Factor, but these days she’s proving to be quite the rival to the former judge.

Cher was only 17 when she tried out for the ITV show and she suffered a breakdown at judges houses before she even made the live rounds. Cole took a chance on her, prompting a huge backlash at the time, and picked the teen as one of her final group, with Lloyd later finishing in fourth place on the 2010 series.

She’s come a long way in just over two years though and as she released her new video for the US release of ‘With Ur Love’ this week, the engaged singer saw her Twitter followers boosted to 3,600,000. That’s around 20,000 more online fans than her former mentor currently has.

Lloyd one of a few British stars who is enjoying great American success right now and it seems she’s revelling in it. In her new video she plays her new status up a little and can be seen perched on a throne, modelling a whole host of princess costumes and tiaras.

cher lloyd with ur love

She and her rather fun pals even gather around a cauldron and they mix up a love potion which they use on a number of hunky men who join her at a party in a castle.

It’s been a brilliant year for the young star and while Cole tried and seemingly failed to crack America last year, Lloyd is well on her way. Recently she’s attended the Grammy Awards and a number of other star studded ceremonies, and last year her first Her single “Want U Back” was peaked at number 4 on the US iTunes chart and 5 on the Billboard Digital Songs, being the 5th most downloaded song of the week selling 128.000 copies. Last month it was confirmed that she will guest star in an episode of the hit Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush.

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We doubt her old mentor is wishign her well though as the pair had a very public spat not that long ago. Cher criticised the Girls Aloud performing skills, saying that she couldn’t sing live.

Chez responded on Twitter saying:

‘Be Careful who you kick on your way up… They kick you twice as hard on your way back down. #unappreciationisugly’.

Cher made a public apology on ITV1’s Daybreak, saying ‘sorry to her if she found it offensive.’

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