Olly Murs wants to make a ‘cheeky record’ with One Direction’s Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson & Niall Horan

Olly Murs is busy trying to crack America at the moment and he’s revealed that he’d love to do a collaboration with One Direction to help him along the way.

The ‘Army Of Two’ hitmaker is making quite a name for himself stateside, and he will be performing on ABC’s Good Morning America this Friday, after singing on lunchtime show The View yesterday. He has revealed that once all his promo work is over, he would love to team up with Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan for a new song and he’s sure it would be pretty ‘cheeky.’

Olly is great pals with the lads, after supporting them on their US tour last year and he admitted that he wants to join the long line of people hoping to work with the X Factor stars. He told MTV:

“I’m sure every artist in the world would love to work with One Direction at the moment.”

Murs admitted that he thinks the age difference between himself and the younger singers could cause problems though (he is 28, while Harry Styles is 19) and he added:


“I mean if they wanted me to write a song with them or do something with them on a song of course I’d love to because I get on with the lads [but] I feel like … the age difference is very different. “

But age difference apart, Murs thinks he is quite similar to the young singers and would be coming from the same page as them, when it comes to songwriting ideas. He explained:

“I think in terms of where we are as personalities and stuff, I’m pretty much the same as them.”

“I’m cheeky and I like having fun, I like having a good time, so yeah I’m sure we’d make a really cool cheeky fun record. But, I’d probably have to join the queue, because I’m sure there’s lots of artists around the world right now that’d love to do a song with them!”

In January 2013 it was confirmed that Murs would guest star in an season 5 episode of the American drama series 90210 where he will perform “Troublemaker” and “Right Place Right Time.”

olly murs

His album Right Place Right Time was released in America earlier this week and it seems to be selling well, as Olly tweeted on Tuesday saying:

“Mental that I’ve woken up to find 1ST US Album is OUT NOW and at #6 on i-tunesssss already!! that’s perked me up ; ) x”

Do you think an Olly and One Direction collaboration would be good? Watch him singing with Niall Horan (in a toilet!) and leave your comments below…..

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