One Direction 2012: 1D finally finally meet Jeremy Kyle and Harry Styles is NOT flying off with Taylor Swift! (VIDEO)

The One Direction boys have had the time of their lives this week.

They’ve done the whole tourist in New York thing, went walking in Central Park, took their loved ones up the Empire State Building, spent time with all their girlfriends and of course performed in Madison Square Gardens but the highlight of the week for Niall at least was getting to meet one of his idols.

The hunk has been a long time fan of The Jeremy Kyle show and when he’s at home in the UK and Ireland he frequently tweets about his love of the dramatic chat show (which we caught this morning and were almost crying as two gay men discovered they were brothers after dating for two months!).

When Harry Styles returned from his US tour earlier this year he tweeted:

“Watching Jezza Kyle…People are arguing because one of them hit the other in the eye with a biscuit.”

Niall added:

“jeremy kyle show i have missed you”

This week while they were in New York the lads caught up with Jezza, when he came to watch their concert and it was revealed on Kyle’s Twitter page:

“Jeremy had a great time with 1D at Madison Sq Garden. They invited him to the show when they heard he was in NYC”

The lads look pleased with themselves!

Meanwhile, some sources have claimed that Harry Styles is about to fly off into the sunset with Taylor Swift later today, as her work commitments mean she has to return to LA.

However, insiders have confirmed that this is NOT true as One Direction will need to to return to the UK this weekend. They are performing at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball on Saturday 8th December 2012 and also on the X Factor UK final.


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Lisa McGarry

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