One Direction 2012: 1D’s Liam Payne defends girlfriend Danielle Peazer against Twitter haters

We reported earlier in the week that Liam Payne’s girlfriend Danielle Peazer was getting a hard time on twitter.

The girl was being bombarded by fans of the One Direction singer, telling her that she wasn’t pretty enough to be dating a 1D boy and one even told her to ‘go and die’, when she refused to take any notice of them.

Danielle tried to defend herself against the haters, but ever chivalrous, Liam has now waded into the row and seemed understandably angry with the trolls.

One user, whose account is named ‘DaniellePBitch’ has been the main protagonist in harassing Peazer and addressing the so called fan last night, Payne tweeted:

leave her alone

how would you feel if someone said this too sum1 u care about you should be ashamed of yourself telin sum1 to go and die

hw cud you even say that I hope ur happy with yourself cuz to everyone else this just looks weird if I was u I’d delete it

He added to another follower:

I would I think its horrible how people can such nasty things and not even think of how it effects people

His actions certainly seemed to impress the lady of his life and after reading his comments, Danielle replied:

@Real_Liam_Payne Thank you, I love you xxx

However, she was still unhappy with some of his fans and added:

I stayed away from Twitter tonight, but it is a shame to see that the person who told me to ‘die’ has gained 500 followers today. #notcool

Danielle and Liam first met when he was taking part in the X Factor in 2010, though didn’t start to date until months later. She has admitted that she is missing the handsome singer massively at the minute, as he is currently in America touring with One Direction and soon after will be heading to Australia for a series of concerts down under.

Perhaps Dani should ask Caroline Flack for some advice on how to deal with all the online absue, after all the 32 year old star must be an expert after the death threats and constant hate she received during her short lived relationship with Harry Styles.

Do you feel sorry for Danielle, are you proud of Liam for defending her….let us know.

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