One Direction 2012: Liam Payne admits he was ‘bullied’ – speaks about Danielle Peazer’s ‘insecurities’

Liam Payne has shed some light on the possible reasons behind his and Danielle Peazer’s recent breakup.

The pair reportedly split two weeks ago, after the professional dancer decided that she couldn’t handle the attention and pressure of dating someone so famous, who spent so much time away from home.

In an interview conducted just days before they went their separate ways, Liam spoke of his girlfriend’s ‘insecurities’ and how she struggled with the online hate she often received from his fans.

Liam told Seventeen magazine:

“When someone says something bad about me, I don’t let it bother me but Danielle is quite insecure. When it gets to her, it gets to me. People who write mean things don’t realise that she’s a real person who has the same insecurities as they do.”

Liam also revealed the details of how he and Danielle first met and spoke of how special and wonderful he found the brunette beauty and why he chose her over the thousands of girls who throw themselves at him each week.

Read more of his comments here.

Meanwhile, Payne also revealed that he has become used to bullying and negative attention over the years, as he faced some very hard experiences as a young boy.

Liam says he was picked on by older lads quite badly, until he took up boxing and worked on his self confidence.

He explained:

“I was bullied by a few people who were much older than me. So I went to camp to learn how to box. I was 12, and my coach was 24. It gave me confidence to know that if I could fight him, I could stand up to anyone.”

What do you think Directioners? It sounds like Liam had some very strong feelings for Danielle just a few weeks ago. Can they have been wiped out so quickly?

As always, we want to hear your thoughts in the comments section below…..

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