One Direction 2012: Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson run out of underwear and Harry Styles is missing his mummy!

It seems like the One Direction boys are struggling to cope while being away from home.

The X Factor stars have been on the road since February, when they started their tour of America with Nickelodeon band Big Time Rush. They will finish in the US next week, but jet straight off to Australia for a short tour of the country and New Zealand as well as an appearance on the Logie Awards.

However, without their mums to co-ordinate things for them, it seems the teen stars are struggling and both Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have admitted that they have run out of underwear more than once, as there is no one around to magically wash it for them.

Payne told We Love Pop magazine:

“The thing is about this career is you’ll run out of boxers and be like, ‘I thought I had enough!’”.

We are sure his girlfriend Danielle loves to hear that!

Louis admitted that it’s a bit of a problem area for him too, saying:

“I don’t care what any lad our age says. There’s no way they’ve gone through their entire life without wearing the same boxers two days in a row.”

Meanwhile, Harry Styles is said to be the band member who is most homesick currently and he is so desperate for contact with his family, that insiders say he texts his mum at least five times a day.

Insiders told The Daily Star that he is missing cooking with his mother too and one explained:

“Harry’s been really badly missing home and told his mum he is especially missing cooking for his family.

“Being in the kitchen is his main way of relaxing and escaping stress – with Mexican food his speciality – and he’s started getting withdrawals on the road.”

Poor old Harry. It isn’t even like he’ll get much time at home after Australia either, as soon after the band will be heading back to America for their summer headline tour.

Phew! Will they ever stop?

Lisa McGarry

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