One Direction 2012: Niall Horan is in love with a local Irish girl says his dad – Emily Behan?

Niall Horan may be a world famous heartthrob, with ladies around the globe desperate for a few minutes of his time, but it seems the girl of his dreams lies close to home.

The One Direction singer was back in Ireland earlier this month and was spotted out on the town with his cousin and a number of other beauties, as he caught up with his friends and family in Mullingar.

His dad says he was drawn home by more than just the promise of some home cooked meals and someone to do his washing for him, as there is a special girl who he was desperate to see.

‘There’s a local girl that Niall loves. I know he thinks of her as his sweetheart,’ Niall’s father Bobby told heat magazine.

He added:

‘She’s very attractive, and they’re close, but I don’t know whether he’s made any advances on her yet. I’m not going to embarrass her by giving her name, though.’

Niall Horan with his cousin Emma and possible mystery woman Emily Behan...

Bobby also said that just because she’s from a small town in Ireland, doesn’t mean Niall’s mystery lady is any less than some of the famous women he meets.

In fact he thinks she is one of the most beautiful females around.

He continued:

‘She would stand her ground with any of these beautiful celebrities. She’s a brunette with big brown eyes and pale skin like Niall’s. She’s from the town but the other end to us, and I always knew Niall has big feelings for her.’

It seems that this must be the first flush of love for young Niall, as his dad revealed that he has never had a proper long term girlfriend and never brought a lady friend home to meet his family.

He explained:

‘He never really brought girls home. He had some girls that were friends and they would all sit on the wall outside together, but that was all.

‘He’s never had a real girlfriend… He went to an all-boys’ school so it was hard to meet girls, but that’s certainly changed now.’

Niall is currently with his 1D bandmates in Sweden, recording and writing material for their follow up second album. His European visit won’t last long though, as later this month the boyband kick off their first ever headline America tour, on which they will be supported by fellow X Factor star Olly Murs.

Horan couldn’t be more excited.

He tweeted yesterday: ‘@ollyofficial happy birthday mate… what are ya 35? ahaha.. not too long now til america, gona be great on the road bro…’

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