One Direction 2012: Niall Horan meets Backstreet Boys, Harry Styles family try to escape fans & minders keep 1D away from girls!

Niall Horan must have been picking himself up some boyband tips from those that have been there, done that and got the t shirt and this week, during his first few days back in the UK, the One Direction singer went to see The Backstreet Boys performing in London.

The young Irish star met the (much) older band backstage and asked them for advice on fame and probably how to cope with the thousands of female fans that throw themselves at him on a daily basis.

The cute blonde singer tweeted:

“Amazing night! Met the backstreet boys and new kids! Super nice guys! Got some good advice!”

Perhaps Harry Styles should have paid the men a visit too and asked for some security tips, as it has been claimed today that he and his family have had to leave their home in Chesire for a while, because of the legions of fans camped outside the residential property.

Styles returned to the UK last weke, after a long tour of America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada and was keen to catch up with his mum and siblings in his family home. However, hundreds of girls are waiting outside the house and making life unbearable for them and their neighbours, so insiders claim they are taking a break from it all.

One told The Sun:

“The family has moved out for a few days until Harry heads back south. It’s not fair for neighbours to have random girls standing outside their houses 24/7.”

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that Simon Cowell has ordered bodyguards to keep an even closer watch over the 1D boys than usual when they return to America next month.

Some of the stars – Harry in particular – have quite the reputation for being ladies men and their management team are keen to keep their image clean cut, as they continue to win over new fans in the States.

The band will soon head over to kick off their sell out arena tour and while they are allowed to have girlfriends, a source told Heat that their minders have been instructed to keep them away from young female fans.

One said:

“The US music execs are keen to protect the band’s clean-cut image and they have bodyguards tail the boys to steer them away from women.”

Other measures include stopping 1D from drinking publicly and making sure they keep up their diet and exercise regimes. The source added:

“Some of the boys were underage when the band started and were strictly banned from boozing. The boys are also on healthy eating regimes – they all want to keep their washboard stomachs.”

Lisa McGarry

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