One Direction 2012: OMG did Zayn Malik just delete his Twitter account over Perrie Edwards hate?

Zayn Malik has just deleted his Twitter account!

The One Direction star has left the micro blogging website tonight, revealing that he can’t cope with the hate and abuse he has been getting online from so called fans.

The 1D hunk has been receiving a lot of negative attention ever since he started dating Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards in April of this year. Many people hate the fact that he has a lady in his life, while a lot of Directioners believe that the whole relationship is fake and fabricated by management or SYCO, the record label that look after both X Factor groups.

Zayn tweeted tonight saying:

‘The reason I don’t tweet as much as I use to, is because I’m sick of all the useless opinions and hate that i get daily goodbye twitter.’

The singer then deleted his account.

Of course Perrie also had to take similar action a few months ago, when she and her bandmates all closed down their pages and opened one joint account, after she was constantly attacked by 1D fans.

It is thought that Malik’s decision may have been driven by the publication of this video, showing him apparently coming on to another girl in America, when he was dating Perrie Edwards. If it is him he’s a bad boy, but the shot is so unclear it could be Jeremy Paxman trying to snog Julie Goodyear for all we know!

Fans were quick to react to the news this evening, with many defending the star. One posted:

‘It’s sad that Zayn Malik felt the need to delete his account due to hate messages. I can’t stand people who are jealous of someone’s fame.’

Another added:

‘wow this hate towards Zayn Malik has GONE WAY TO FAR!! if the hate keeps up all the boys will delete their twitter accounts! STOP THE HATE!!’

An account named 1D Updates said:

‘It’s not even okay how some people manage to hate on others for crying out loud you made ZAYN MALIK delete his freaking twitter.’

However some people were less than upset by the news. One wrote:

‘Everyone moaning about how Zayn Malik deleted his account so go join him and delete theirs too!’

Another more cynical Twitter user posted:

‘The only reason Zayn Malik delete his Twitter is so that he would get noticed and trending worldwide. Nicki Minaj did the same thing..’

What do you think of Zayn’s decision? Of course he can reactivate his account within thirty days and he won’t lose any of his followers or information. Do you think this is a) a scare tactic or b) a PR exercise, just days before the band announce their ‘big news’?

We want to hear what you think so leave your comments below….

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