One Direction 2012: OMG Niall Horan is going into hospital for an operation! #getwellsoonniall

Niall Horan revealed that he will soon be requiring a bit of a hospital stay.

The One Direction singer took part in a live Twitcam earlier this week, to connect with fans and boost the sales of his band’s new single ‘Live While We’re Young.’

During the chat, the Irish star admitted that he has a really sore knee, prompting caring messages from fans all around the world who wanted to make it better. We dread to think how!

On Twitter this morning Nialler revealed that not only is his knee injured, but it’s going to take an operation to fix it. He tweeted:

‘ya know the way I always had a bad knee, added to it playin ball the other day! Its messed up now! Operation time’

He’s hobbling around on crutches now, in the hope that things will get a little better before the band’s next appearance and added:

‘I’m on crutches hahahahhaa! Funny as hell’

Niall is the second member of 1D to end up on crutches in the last month as only a few weeks ago, Zayn Malik was spotted struggling to walk in LAX airport, after he injured his ankle during his trip to America.

He was hurt while attempting ramps n Justin Bieber’s skate park, but the hunk’s ankle healed in a matter of days. It doesn’t sound like Niall is going to have such an easy time.

Sitting around and resting his leg is obviously giving Horan a lot of time to think. He must be spending a fair bit of time browsing the internet too, as he retweeted this message last night.

“@thegooglefact: An insecure person is more likely to hate someone that they don’t even know.”

He added:



We hope Niall gets his poor leg mended soon. Leave your get well soon messages below…

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