One Direction 2012: OMG Niall Horan talks ‘early retirement’ after knee injury & operation

Niall Horan has opened up about exactly how he managed to injure his knee.

The One Direction singer caused quite the furore on Twitter yesterday, when he told his six million followers that he had hurt his leg, was on crutches and was going to have to go into hospital for an operation.

Speaking on Daybreak this morning the handsome singer joked that he was going to have to go into ‘early retirement’ from dancing and playing football, because of his dodgy knee cap.

He said:

“No football for me. I’ve torn most of the ligaments in my knee.”

Horan added:

“Early retirement for me. It happened playing football about two years ago and every now and then…I’ve got a floating knee cap, so it pops out every now and then. I have to get an operation.”

Eugh! The lads revealed that their pal has a great picture of his leg the first time his kneecap popped out. They loved it, but just the though of it makes us want to chuck up our breakfast.

Meanwhile, our lovely little Nialler has also been speaking about his pride in their new album ‘Take Me Home.’ The record is set for release at the end of November and he teased it’s content to fans, saying:

“[We’re] very proud, We worked very hard on it this year. It’s not a million miles away from the first album, it’s kind of a similar sound, but it’s a little more beefed up. The guitars are heavier, the drums are heavier and we personally think that the songs are better.”

Some of you brilliant Directioners left the sweetest comments and get well soon messages for Niall here on Unreality TV yesterday. Some of our favourite were:

‘Aww, Niall. Get well soon! We don’t want you to miss the other Concerts, Live stream, Photoshoots, Tours, Interviews…
We will miss you! Lovelots by a Fan. xx’

‘I’m so sad about this news ( I hope niall read this message .. I am very worried about you Nial but I’m sure you’ll be okay.. God bless you Niall and I love you so much~ hehe mm Get well soon! I’ll pray for you <3’

‘Hy Niall get well,i m sorry for your knee hope you’re good an all the CROATIAN fans loves you an wishes you good recovery…SO BE STRONG AND JUST KEEP SMILING!!CROATIA LOVES YOU!!! <3’

‘Aww GET WELL SOON NIALLER!! Just remember, there are more people in the world that love you than people who dislike you. Brush off the small things (haters) and get on with life! MUCH LOVE FROM ARKANSAS!’

Leave your message for Niall below.

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