One Direction 2012: Poor Niall Horan falls ill with food poisoning – catches up with daytime TV!

Poor old Niall Horan was about to board a plane, for an 11,000 mile journey this week and then fell sick.

The One Direction singer touched down in London last night, looking forward to a few weeks of not working and just relaxing, before he has to set off again for the band’s tour of America next month.

However, hours before he was due to board his plane in New Zealand, the Irish star managed to get food poisoning.

We aren’t sure if it was from dodgy hotel food, or something bad he ate during a meal with his bandmates this week, but Niall told his three million followers that he wasn’t feeling too hot earlier this week.

He tweeted:

“Not feeling the best! sore all over! under the weather as they say!”

The 1D star later added:

“Food poisining not good! (sic)”

Niall is still on the mend and told his fans that he doesn’t intend on doing anything for the next few days at least. He wrote:

“Yessss! Back in london! Sleep for the next week, don’t wana see a sole.”

Later adding:

“kinda like the fact the weather is bad today…keeps my plans to a minimum which is what i want”

Things seem pretty relaxed over in Niall’s house today and the 18 year old revealed that he was just lounging about this morning, adding:

‘jeremy kyle show i have missed you – watchin @thismorningitv ,eating a fry ! chilling!’

We think the 1D boys are going to need all the down time they can get, after all as we already mentioned they will soon be on the road again, performing across America in the sell out arena tour. Also, some insiders have suggested that they are about to announce a tour of Continental Europe and Asia over the next few weeks.

Lisa McGarry

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